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Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the one vegetable crop nearly everyone loves to grow, and we all have our favorite types!

We aim to please, so have selected just 42 lucious varieties this year, ranging from large Beefsteak types to cherry tomatoes like Sweet 100 and Sunsugar.

In between, we grow the local favorites, Early Girl and Celebrity, as well as many heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra and Pineapple!

To grow great tomatoes, provide them with plenty of sun (at least 6 hours per day), regular water (a good soaking twice a week is ideal) and a balanced fertilizer formulated for vegetables. Too much nitrogen causes lots of green leafy growth and less fruit on the vines. They grow best when night-time temperatures are above 55º.

For a complete listing of the tomatoes we grow with descriptions, visit the plant section of our website. We wish you great gardens and a bounteous harvest!

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