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Bark, Soils, And Soil Amendments

  • Clay Buster - Helps to improve soil drainage which adds to plant health. Made with soil prep, pumice, and gypsum. Available in 1 Cu Ft Bags.  

  • Decorative Bark - Bark can be used to improve the beauty of the landscape. It also helps to retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need to frequently water. Available in shredded, mini, small, medium, and large sizes. Colored bark mulch is also available in brown, red, and black. Available in 2 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Fertimulch Poultry Mix -  A poultry compost that includes composted poultry manure, peat moss, composted straw, and Miller-gro fiber. Great for gardens, raised beds, and adding nourishment to any landscape plants. Available in 2 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Potting Soil - Use for house plants, starting seeds, and patio containers. Special mixes available for African Violets, Cactus, and Succulents. Available in assorted sizes. 

  • Premium Compost - Organic blend of composted forest products, composted alfalfa and by-grain products, Miller gro fiber, black peat, and composted straw.  Ideal for replenishing box gardens or raised beds. Available in 1.5 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Raised Bed & Box Garden Mix - Ready-to-Plant mix contains peat moss, coconut coir, forest humus, compost, perlite, natural plant food with micro-nutrients, and trace minerals. Available in 1.5 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Soil Prep/Conditioner - Use in compacted soils to help break them up. Use as a mulch in vegetable gardens, flower beds and around trees and shrubs to aid in water conservation and to help reduce weed infestations. Use as a  mulch in the fall around perennials and roses to improve winter protection. Use as a soil amendment when installing new trees and shrubs.  (Mix 50% native soil with 50% Soil Prep.) Available in 2 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Top Soil Plus - Sandy loam soil that is blended with composted steer manure, composted forest products, black peat, Miller-gro fiber, and pumice.  Use to top dress lawns, add to flower beds, or improve existing soil.  Add with soil prep and native soil to make a good tree/shrub/perennial planting mix.  Available in 1 Cu Ft Bags. 

  • Tree & Shrub Mix - Use anytime you are planting a new tree or shrub. Made with sandy loam, composted forest humus, peat moss, steer manure, pumice, humiliates, blood meal, iron, and sulfur. Available in 1.5 Cu Ft Bags.

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