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There are many roses that do very well in our area.  Many of our roses are grown on their own roots, rather than grafted to a different rootstock, ensuring that the rose will remain true to the original variety.  Our roses include hardy old fashioned varieties, hardy Canadian varieties and more.  In our area it is best to select a rose that is hardy to zone 4 or lower.  

'Harison's Yellow'

Some of our favorite hardy varieties are listed below:


  • Joseph's Coat (yellow/orange, zones 4-9)

  • Iceberg Climber (white, zones 4b-9)

  • Henry Kelsey (red, zones 3-9)

  • Tropical Lightning (TM) PAT.#28055 (red/white, zones 4-9)

  • William Baffin (pink, hardy zones 3-8)

Hybrid Tea's/Grandiflora's

  • All Dressed up (pink, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Blue Girl (light purple, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Ingrid Bergman (red, hardy zones 4-9)

  • John F. Kennedy (white, hardy zones 4-10)

  • Music Box (pink and yellow, zones 4-9)

  • Peace (yellow & pink, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Pink Peace (pink, zones 4-9)



  • Arctic Blue™ (pale pink, zones 4-9)

  • Carefree Wonder™ (pink, hardy zones 4-7)

  • Celestial Night™ (purple, zones 4-9)

  • Frida Kahlo (orange & pink, hardy zones 4-10)

  • George Burns™ (red & yellow, hardy zones 4-10)

  • Julia Child (yellow, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Ketchup & Mustard (yellow & red, zones 4b-9)



  • All A'Twitter (orangish, zones 4b-9)

  • Lemon Drop (yellow, zones 5-9)



  • Bonica (light pink, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Campfire Pink (pink and yellow, zones 3-7)

  • Champlain (red, hardy zones 3-7)

  • Dwarf Pavement Rugosa (bright pink, zones 3-7)

  • Easy Elegance® Super Hero PP20486-M R (red, hardy zones 4-9)

  • High Voltage (yellow, zones 4-9)

  • Hope For Humanity (deep red, hardy zones 3-7)

  • Morden Sunrise (yellow and pink, zones 3-8)

  • Nootka (pink, zones 4-8)

  • Oscar Peterson (white, zones 3-8)

  • Red Rugosa (red, hardy zones 2-7)

  • Sea Foam (creamy white, zones 4b-9)

  • Sultry Night (magenta, zones 4-9)

  • Top Gun (red, hardy zones 4-10)

  • White Rugosa (white, hardy zones 2-7)

  • Winnipeg Parks (dark pink, hardy zones 3-7)


Old Fashioned

  • Austrian Copper (red & yellow, hardy zones 4-9)

  • Harrison's Yellow (yellow, hardy zones 3-9)

  • Persian Yellow (yellow, zones 3-8)

    For more growing information, see our cold climate Guide for Growing Roses.

Disclaimer:  This is a listing of varieties that have performed well in the area.  This listing does not guarantee that the varieties are in stock.  Please call to inquire if an item is in stock or not.

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