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There are many different kinds of willows that live in the Uintah Basin. They are some of the first trees and shrubs to leaf out in the spring. They are easy to grow and do not have special soil requirements. They are heavy water drinkers. They have aggressive roots that can break into water pipes, so be careful when placing near a home or septic system. They can also be messy. 

  • Willow, Blue Arctic - Bush - Height: 3-4', Width: 3-6', Foliage: Blue-green, Zone: 4-6.

  • Willow, Green Globe - Tree (AKA Globe Navajo) - Height: 40', Width: 20', Foliage: Green, Zone: 4-8.

  • Willow, Hakura Nishiki - Bush - Height: 5-6', Width: 5-6', Foliage: Green, pink, and white, Zone: 4-7.

  • Willow, Niobe Weeping - Tree - Height: 50', Width: 50', Foliage: Bright green, Zone: 4-8.

  • Willow, Pussy - Bush - Height: 20', Width: 15', Foliage: Green, Zone: 2-7.

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