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There is a good selection of grapes that do well here in the Uintah Basin.  Most of them have seeds and are better for juices and jellies, but there are a few seedless varieties that do well here and are excellent for fresh eating.
  • Bluebell:  Seeded grape.  Good table, jam, and juice qualities.  Better grape for the North than 'Concord'.  Hardy to Zone 4.  Add chelated iron to soil to improve crops.
  • Canadice Seedless:  Tasty red seedless variety.  Slipskin.  Hardy to Zone 5.
  • Concord:  Seeded grape.  Good table, jam, and juice qualities.  The standard in which many grape jellies are compared to.  Hardy to Zone 5. 
  • Concord Seedless:  Similar to the Concord grape except that they are seedless and slightly less hardy.  Hardy to Zone 5.
  • Edelweiss:  Tasty green seeded grape.  It is very disease resistant.  Good grape taste with high sugar content.  Hardy to Zone 4.
  • Himrod:  Hardiest seedless green grape.  Produces tasty  table grapes.  Suffers some winter damage in our area.  Slipskin.  Hardy to Zone 5.
  • Kay Gray:  Green seeded juicing grape. Hardy to Zone 3.
  • Petite Jewel:  Small spicy seedless grape with great flavor.  Produces heavy.  Hardy to USDA zone 4.  It is one of the parents of the Somerset grape.  An Elmer Swenson introduction.  
  • Reliance Seedless Grape:  Red Seedless grape that has shown some hardiness in our area.  Slipskin.  Hardy to Zone 4B or 5.
  • St. Croix:  Seeded dark purple grape,  Food for juices and Jams.  Hardy to Zone 4.
  • St. Theresa:  Seedless purple grape that does well in our area.  It is slower growing and produces mostly seedless grapes.  An Elmer Swenson grape.  It is great for fresh eating, juices, and jellies.  Hardy to Zone 4.
  • Somerset Seedless:  This small green/pink grape is actually not seedless but it contains small edible seeds so it is considered seedless.  It is very hardy.  It is hardy to Zone 4, but has produced well in some Zone 3 areas.  Heavy bearer.  Clingskin.  It is sweet and great for fresh eating, juices, and jellies.  Local favorite.  An Elmer Swenson introduction.  
  • Swenson Red Grape:  A large green/pink seeded grape with high sugar content.  Good for fresh eating, juices, and jellies.  The vines are hardy to 30 degrees below zero.  Clingskin.  Hardy to zone 4.
  • Valiant Grape:  Purple seeded grape.  Slipskin.  Excellent for juices and jams.  Hardy to zone 3.
  • Vanessa Grape:  A red seedless grape that has shown potential in our area.  Good for fresh eating.  Clingskin.  Hardy to zone 4.  
Unaffiliated Websites with good information on grapes:
USU:  Grape Varieties for Utah
Table Grapes in Minnesota

Disclaimer:  This is a listing of varieties that have performed well in the area.  This listing does not guarantee that the varieties are in stock.  Please call to inquire if an item is in stock or not.

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