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Currants are an old-fashioned plant that still have their spot in the landscape.  They produce edible fruit that many enjoy for fresh eating and preserves.
  • Black Consort Currant (Ribes nigrum 'Consort') - This fruiting shrub grows 4-6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It produces an abundance of small, black, and edible fruit. The fruit is known to be strong in flavor, ripening late in the season. Hardy zones 3-7. 
  • Golden Currant -   (Ribes aureum) This fruiting shrub grows 4-5 feet tall and wide.  In the spring the bush is covered with golden yellow flowers.  In the late summer-early fall they have small black edible fruit. Hardy zones 3-7.
  • Jostaberry - (Ribes × nidigrolaria) This is a hybrid cross of a gooseberry and a black currant.  Fruit is larger than a current but smaller than a gooseberry.  The fruit is known for its vitamin c content.  Hardy zones 4-7.  
  • Red Lake Currant (Ribes 'Red Lake') - This fruiting shrub can grow 4-6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.  It is known for hardiness, vigor, and productivity.  In late summer or early fall you get colorful red edible fruit.  Hardy zones 3-7.

Disclaimer:  This is a listing of varieties that have performed well in the area.  This listing does not guarantee that the varieties are in stock.  Please call to inquire if an item is in stock or not.

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