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Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly bushes attract butterflies, bloom from mid-summer to fall, and have a slight delightful fragrance.  Butterfly bushes are bushes in warmer climates.  In our area they make great perennials.  They can grow 4-5 feet high and 2-3 feet wide.  In fall they need to be trimmed to about 4-6 inches tall and then mulched with leaves or straw.  They are considered a bush in USDA zones 5-9 and a perennial in zone 4.

Size:  QT  Price:  $5.99 each

Size:  #1/Gallon   Price:  $9.99 each

Size: #2/2 Gallon  Price:  $19.99 each

Black Knight
Dark purple blooms
Dwarf Butterfly Bush
Purple blooms. A smaller version of the butterfly bush. Only grows 2-3 feet tall.
Honeycomb Yellow Butterfly Bush
Yellow blooms
Lochinch Butterfly Bush
Bluish flower with orange centers. Least hardy butterfly bush that we carry. Hardy as a perennial in zones 5-9.
Pink Delight Butterfly Bush
Pink blooms
Potters Purple Butterfly Bush
Purple blooms
Royal Red Butterfly Bush
Redish purple blooms
White Profusion Butterfly Bush
White Blooms

Disclaimer:  This is a listing of varieties that have performed well in the area.  This listing does not guarantee that the varieties are in stock.  Please call to inquire if an item is in stock or not.

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