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There are many apricots that do well in the Uintah Basin.  Apricots bloom early and sometimes loose their blossoms and fruit to a harsh cold spell.  Apricots are somewhat self-pollinating but they perform better with another apricot of a different variety nearby by.  Apricot trees grow to about 15-18 feet tall and 15-20 feet wide.

Here are some of our favorite apricots for the area:
  • Moongold:  Moongold apricots are medium in size and have an orange-yellow flesh.  The fruit is freestone and is great for fresh eating and preserves.  The tree is vigorous and a late bloomer.  Hardy in zones 4-8, but has also been successful in zone 3.  We recommend Sungold as a pollinator.
  • Montrose Apricot:  Montrose Apricots originated in Montrose Colorado.    They produce a large sweet yellow-orange apricot that may have a slight red blush on it.  It is a freestone apricot.  This tree is hardy in zones 4-8. 
  • Pioneer:  Pioneer Apricot is also known as Chinese or Mormon apricot.  It is another late blooming apricot.  This is the best self-fruiting apricot we carry, but it does better if there is another apricot nearby.  It is a freestone apricot.  It is hardy in zones 4-8.
  • Sungold:  Sungold apricots are medium in size and have a golden color.  The fruit is sweet and tasty and is great for fresh eating and for jams.  Like Moongold, it is a late bloomer.  It is also a freestone apricot.  It is hardy in zones 4-8 but has also been successful in some zone 3 areas.  We recommend Moongold as a pollinator.  
  • Seedling Apricot:  Occasionally we carry seedling apricots.  These are apricots grown from local seed.  They are small apricots but produce heavy.  Because these trees are grown from seed instead of being grafted, each tree will have its own fruiting characteristics.
Information from Unaffiliated Websites:
USU:  Apricots in the Home Garden
USU:  Apricot Varieties for Utah

Disclaimer:  This is a listing of varieties that have performed well in the area.  This listing does not guarantee that the varieties are in stock.  Please call to inquire if an item is in stock or not.

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